I welcome consignments of individual items and entire collections. Please contact me for terms. Terms may vary depending on the value and number of items you consign.

Please note that I am VERY eager to acquire firearms, blades, shells and higher end documents, buttons and plates on consignment. Most dealers are going to charge a commission of 10% or more. Sometimes, substantially more. My commission on items with a retail value over 1,000 dollars is significantly lower than that. And on consignments realistically retailed over 5,000 - I will charge an INCREDIBLY LOW commission. I am more interested in increasing traffic to this site than anything else. So please consider us an option. Our place in the search engines is rapidly advancing. We're on the march to Page One on Google and I won't be content until we get there and stay there. If I can help you sell your high-dollar item and increase hits to my site, it's a win-win.